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Which patio heater should I choose? An outdoor heating guide

Here is a guide to help you choose the patio heater that best suits your needs. Mill offers high quality patio heaters in a minimalist and modern design.

Highly efficient outdoor heatsource with Infrared heating technology

Mill patio heaters consist mainly of outdoor heaters with an infrared heating technology. This is the most efficient heating technology for outdoor use. The reason for this is that infrared heat only heats what it hits, just like the sun. This means that the patio heater does not need to heat the air around first to warm you. We can compare the warming effect with an early spring day when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. One will suddenly feel the heat from the sun, but the air temperature will remain the same.

Comfortable and dim light with ULG

Traditional patio heaters often emit a fairly strong red-hot light that can be uncomfortable. Mill infrared patio heaters are equipped with an Ultra Low Glare (ULG) technology that reduces red light by up to 99%. This way you can enjoy the heat in a comfortable and dim light.

Controlled with remote control or app

Mill patio heaters come with remote control for easy and convenient operation. The top model CB2000BT-ULG can also be controlled with the Mill Outdoor Heating app via Bluetooth.

*ULG + remote control  does not apply to model CB2000GT.

Mill CB2000FLOOR patio heater was awarded best in test by tek.no

Portable or wall-mounted

Mill Infrared patio heaters are offered in several different wall-mounted models in the colors black and aluminum. Choose the color that best suits your house wall. If you want a more flexible solution, we recommend our portable model CB2000FLOOR, which was awarded best in a test by tek.no. The wall-mounted models can also be used together with the patio heater stand CBSTAND for a portable solution.

Mill CB2000PLUSS and CB2000PLUSS-ALU was awarded “Very good” by tek.no

Mill CB2000PLUSS and CB2000PLUSS-ALU was awarded “Very good” by tek.no

Unique and beautiful design

In addition to infrared patio heaters, we offer a ceiling-mounted carbon patio heater in a completely unique design. This patio heater is shaped like a stylish lamp that fits perfectly hanging over a dining table or sofa set. Mill Carbon patio heater will elevate the look of any patio with its beautiful design. Carbon heating element is also an efficient heat source that emits a comfortable and dim light, so you can enjoy the summer evening in a warm and cozy atmosphere.