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Reduce your power consumption with Mill WiFi

Reduce your power consumption and have full control of your heaters with the Mill app.

Did you know that heating accounts for more than 60% of a household’s power consumption?* With Mill WiFi integrated heaters, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your daily routine. Avoid wasting money on electricity while you are away from home or asleep in bed. This smart heating solution benefits the environment by reducing power consumption and benefits you by lowering your power bill.

At Mill, we believe you should not have to compromise comfort when making smart choices. Set up a weekly program on the Millheat app, where the temperature is automatically adjusted to your customized settings. Modes include Comfort, Sleep, Away and Off. Should you wish to go home early one day, you can easily override the set program to ensure you return to the comfort of a warm home.

“With Mill WiFi integrated heaters, you can lower your power consumption, while enjoying a perfectly heated and comfortable home. ”

Activate the vacation mode to reduce your energy bill while you are away. The app will automatically increase the temperature before you return home. You can control all your locations with the same user login. Set the temperature before heading for your winter cabin and enjoy a warm and cozy evening. The new power consumption statistics allow you to monitor your heating pattern over time, giving you full control of your power use. Choose between the elegant Nordic Steel or Glass panel heaters. Or select a more flexible solution with the portable Oil Premium or Convection WiFi models.

If you prefer not to replace your current heater, you can still use the Millheat app to control it, through the Mill WiFi Socket. This smart socket makes old, “dumb” heaters smart. It differs from other WiFi Sockets, as it has an integrated temperature sensor. This means you can use the Millheat app to control the temperature, and not simply turn the heater on and off as you would with other smart sockets. The Mill WiFi Socket can be used for all types of heaters, not only Mill heaters. This smart device is a highly sustainable choice, as it helps you reduce you power consumption, and at the same time extend the product life of your heater.

The highly intuitive and user-friendly Millheat app is the most popular and frequently used smart heating app, based on customer rating scores and the high number of ratings in Google Play and the App Store.

Although there are other smart heating brands out there, we are working hard to ensure that we offer the smartest and most user-friendly solutions. We invest a great deal of time and resources on continually developing the app to meet the needs of our consumers. Our latest upgrade was actually a result of all the valuable feedback we’ve been receiving from engaged users on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy it!



In addition to an open API the Millheat app also has an integration with Tibber, the energy company that ensures you the smartest power deal. As a Tibber customer, you get access to an app that gives you a full overview of the electricity consumption in the home, as well as analyzes and functions that can help you reduce both consumption and the electricity bill.

You can use the Tibber app to control your Mill devices in the same way as in the Millheat app, but you will also have access to the « smart heat management » function that can control your heating according to the price of electricity. This means that it will control the Mill units to heat up as much as possible when the electricity price is lowest – without compromising comfort.

*Sintef Enegiforskning AS